Plastic underwater

Under the surface

Our Plastics Challenge is asking everyone who visits our waterways to pick up just one piece of litter to help clear them within a year. But while you’re busy binning what you find above the water, we’ve still got a job to do underneath…

Otter country

Otter Country

Nature writer Miriam Darlington, known for her books Otter Country and Owl Sense, talks about her childhood connection with rivers – and how she grew up thinking she was an otter

Happy watershrew

Stranger than fiction

With venomous saliva, closable nostrils, a hyperactive nature and curious ability to disappear without a trace, the water shrews is a remarkable creature, says author and naturalist Conor Jameson

Towpath Crafts

Towpath crafts

Fashion yourself a thumb-stick, make a May Day crown or twist up some nettle twine, with our handy guide to canalside crafting