Carpenters Road Lock

Attention towpath pioneers, boaters and canal completists! A radical new structure – Carpenters Road Lock – has become the final jigsaw piece in the restoration of the Bow Back Rivers, opening up a whole new area of the inland network for you to explore

Things I’ve found in old books

Ever discovered a handwritten note within the pages of a second-hand book and felt like you’d found treasure? Collector of canal books and ephemera, Mick Vedmore shares three of his most prized finds and the secret histories they reveal.

Architecture and the waterways

In 1950, after travelling around 600 miles of our network, world-renowned architectural photographer Eric De Maré published The Canals Of England. It remains one of the greatest books about waterways. Join us as we look back at the life and works of a man who continued to celebrate the significance of canals throughout the post-war era.

Boat illustratration

Slow Canals?

Peter Watts explores the curious contradictions of time on our canals – how the perceived idle life stands at odds with the realities of boat life and how the creation of these unhurried thoroughfares was rooted in our lust for speed.