Podcast: a day at the museum

Come with us as we descend into the ice wells below the London Canal Museum

A former ice warehouse, the London Canal Museum is now one of the UK’s best places for exploring the fascinating history of our canal systems. Waterfront podcast host David Bramwell pays a visit to this unique attraction – chatting to education officer Cathy Simpson in the back of 1930s butty boat Coronis about the exuberant spending habits of the Prince Regent, before descending into the 30ft diameter ice wells below with curator Martin Sach. Built in 1862 by the famous ice-cream maker Carlo Gatti, the two wells were once capable of storing 900 tonnes of natural ice. Although the primary use of the ice was food preservation, Gatti is best remembered as the man who introduced ice cream to the UK – and one look at the recipe book ‘Mrs Marshalls Fancy Ices in the museum’s archives reveals how the Victorians had a somewhat different taste in ices than we do today! With a mic in one hand and a white chocolate Magnum in the other, David finishes our day out with a boat trip through the Islington Tunnel, London’s longest canal tunnel at 3/4 miles.

London Canal Museum is open 10am-4.30pm, Tues-Sun, adults £4. canalmuseum.org.uk. You can take a guided trip through the Islington Tunnel on the second and forth Sundays of May to October.

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Tom Jay, tomjay.com