FILM: The unexpected fisher

Join Tanya Shadrick on her first fishing lesson, as members of the local fishing community share their skills beside the river

Fishing photo


Fishing can offer waterway lovers a unique perspective on their local canal or river and many anglers swear by its therapeutic, relaxing properties. For Tanya Shadrick, it was a skill she desperately wanted to learn as her estranged father had been a highly skilled angler. So when three members of the local fishing community heard her story, they decided to take her on – to pass on their expertise so that Tanya can, in turn, teach her own children to fish and create new ways to connect with their local river. Watch our short film and join Tanya on her first lesson…

Get Involved

The Canal & River Trust recognises that fishing is a great way of encouraging communities to get more involved with their local waterway. It can provide a way for people to relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life and to reconnect with their natural surroundings. Find out more about the Trust’s Let’s Fish! campaign and sign up to free fishing events near you.