FILM: A chance to amble and daydream

Discover how the canal can be your co-navigator on your next spring walk

Film: Storm & Shelter


Does the fear of getting lost hold you back from going out on walks? Thankfully, one of the wonderful things about our canals is that they are very easy to navigate – you can plan a route from A to B along a towpath and feel confident you’re not going to lose your way.

This is something geographer Dan Raven-Ellison discovered last year on an epic journey walking 1600km across the UK’s national parks and cities while wearing an EEG, a headset that recorded his levels of relaxation and stimulation. He found that the stretches he enjoyed most were along towpaths, because for him, canals are a co-navigator; a method of easy way-finding that makes for a relaxed and confident walk; a chance to amble and daydream without fear of getting lost.

In our new film, Wild Cities, Dan Raven-Ellison tells us about his journey, the fascinating findings he gathered from his unusual bit of tech, and his fondness for walking along waterways, particularly Hanwell Lock flight on the Grand Union Canal in West London.

Plan your next walk along the Grand Union Canal and a visit to Hanwell Lock with our online guide.

Follow Dan’s guerilla geography projects at Raven-Ellison.