East Midlands canalside camping: River Witham

Unwind in this idyllic waterside campsite with its own on-site brewery

Ferry Hill Farm


Located next to a nature reserve on the banks of the River Witham, Ferryhill Farm campsite already has plenty to recommend it. One of its more unusual charms, however, is an on-site craft brewery – Ferry Ales – where you can buy a range of ales, lagers and porters together with a wide selection of beer-related products from real ale chutney to pork scratchings dipped in beer-flavoured jam!

Besides its tempting boozy delights, Ferryhill Farm offers a friendly campsite with basic showering facilities, free wifi, electric hook-ups and a children’s play area, plus the opportunity to buy fresh local eggs. It’s well located for walks along the River Witham and only seven miles from the city of Lincoln, where you’ll find the ‘Glory Hole’ – a crooked arch beneath an inhabited medieval bridge, which features shops dating from around 1550. A few miles in the other direction, the Kinema In The Woods – a hotel pavilion that has been used as a cinema since the 1920s – is well worth a visit.

The Witham, which has been used for transport since the Roman era, is a peaceful river that flows through the quiet, flat land of Lincolnshire from Lincoln down to Boston. Several of the river’s principle attractions are within easy reach, the closest being Fiskerton Fen Nature Reserve: a seven-acre patch of fenland bordering the campsite. This reserve was created following flood defence works in 2004 and is a great spot for birdwatching, being home to bittern and marsh harriers. The surrounding grassland also harbours flowering plants such as field scabious, knapweed and St. John’s wort, as well as the rare greater water parsnip, which was once common in Lincolnshire but is now almost extinct.

Plan your stay at Ferryhill Farm, and read more about the area on the Canal & River Trust website.

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