Podcast: Green pathways

Take a walk with Trust ecologist Mark Robinson and author Hugh Warwick as they explore how canals provide safe passage for our most-loved creatures


With roads and railways acting as man-made barriers between habitats, waterways provide an unexpected yet essential corridor for wildlife to move through our towns and cities. To appreciate just how important these green avenues are, Waterfront host David journeys to the Oxford Canal to meet Mark Robinson (national ecologist for the Canal & River Trust) and Hugh Warwick (hedgehog-loving ecologist and author). Mark and Hugh do important work for conservation groups and the Trust, opening up canals as green pathways and sharing their findings so we can protect these unique habitats. Along the way, the trio chance upon evidence of otters, explain how leaf cutter bees use lock beams as nests and share tales of how canal bridges are helping bats to bypass one of the busiest roads in the country.

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