Podcast: peace of mind

Join us as we share stories around water and mental health, meeting people who have felt the benefits of life beside the water


The fifth in our series of exclusive podcasts explores the sense of peace that can come from being around water. Gary Lambert talks about the reality of living with obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression and explains why cycling along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal was a real turning point in his life. We meet Clare Stevens, who bought a boat and spent much of her time recovering from cancer while living on the river. She tell us how the calming environment became a place to take stock, while the kindness of fellow boaters was a great comfort as she dealt with the effects of chemotherapy. Sheila Cook tells us about the comfort she felt in working with the Trust to install a memorial bench on the Regent’s Canal after her husband passed away. And finally, Dr Philippa Moreton explains why she prescribes walks along canals and reservoirs to patients with depression.

Louis Vinet