Podcast: wildlife on the water

Join us as we seek out native water voles, go recording with a sound design artist, peep inside bat boxes and search for signs of elusive bitterns in Lee Valley Park

Podcast Episode 5 photo

Illustration: Ruth Allen

The fourth in our series of exclusive podcasts explores stories surrounding the diverse range of wildlife that calls our waterways home. Trust ecologist Laura Mullholland surveys the habitat surrounding Caen Hill Lock flight in Devizes, Wiltshire, in search of a one of Britain’s most threatened native species: the water vole. Composer and field recording artist Pascal Wise takes a walk down the Regent’s Canal, exploring the intricate web of human and natural sounds you can record on your journey down the towpath, before inviting us to listen to his recordings of seabird colonies in St Kilda and penguins in Antarctica. Paul Wilkinson, Senior Ecologist for Trust’s environment team, introduces us to the new Friends-funded bat boxes at Gailey Reservoir in Staffordshire, and explains what attracts some of the 18 species of British bat to our inland waterways. And finally, Cath Patrick, Senior Conservation Officer with Lee Valley Park Authority invites us on a foray to Fishers Green in search of elusive bitterns, telling tales of their fluctuating status – from a popular main course at Tudor banquets and extinction in the 1880s to their return to our rivers after huge conservation efforts.


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