‘Canal Life’ by Ian McMillan.

Back in 2012, acclaimed poet Ian McMillan penned ‘Canal Life’ to celebrate the launch of the Trust.

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Back when the Canal & River Trust launched in 2012, Ian McMillan brought his distinctive voice to celebrate the waterways. His original poem, ‘Canal Life’, is a great reminder of the history, character and charm of our waterway network.

This was one of the very first creative pieces made for the Canal & River Trust, and we think it’s more important now than ever to remember why the Trust was formed. Not only are our canals a huge part of the nation’s history and culture, but they now have a place as an essential local route and space to recharge. With your continued support, they will continue – as Ian’s poem says – to tell you stories and sing you songs.

As the current situation continues, we are all, on the whole, spending a lot of time indoors, but we’re looking forward to the day when we can all get back to ‘gongoozling’ out on the towpath again.

Posted on 14/04/2020