Waterfront Podcast: in search of a quiet life

Waterfront spends the day with angler, author and squeaky-gate appreciator Chris Yates, to talk about our very natural connection with water.


Fishing is good for the soul; it calms and connects us to another world. So says Chris Yates – countryman, angler and much-loved author of almost 20 books on the art of catching (or not catching) fish along Britain’s extensive waterways. Taking us on an amble beside his local river for this very special episode of the Waterfront podcast, Chris shares his passion for the pursuit, which he has been practising since the age of five, and discusses its vital role our health and wellbeing. Along the way, he seeks out signs of otters and kingfishers, remembers spotting minnows in the shallows with his children and reveals his greatest ambition: to record a symphony of the creaky gates he passes through each day. This episode is an ideal companion for a cosy day indoors, so put the kettle on, wrap up warm, and let your mind drift down to the riverbank.

Get back into angling and bring your children with you! This spring and summer, the Trust will be holding events to help you release your inner angler. Keep an eye on our Let’s Fish webpage over the coming months to find out more.

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